If you have already set up your account click on the button below to log in to your account.
eRead Illinois

If not you will need to set up your account first.  
(Print these instructions...)

When you click on the eRead button you will see the following box:
For your library card ID type in the letters "hwpl"
and your complete library card number including all letters and zeroes.

Do not include any spaces.

For your PIN type "hwpl”
Click on the Login button.
You will be brought to the registration screen which will ask you for the following information:
Library Card ID = same as above; "hwpl”+your library card number
PIN = create a new personalized PIN here
Confirm PIN = type in the personal PIN you just created
Name = type in your name as it appears on your library card
Email Address = type in your email address
Confirm email address = retype your email address
Security Question = use the drop down button to choose a security question for your account
Security answer = type in the answer to the security question that you chose
Click on register account to be brought to the eRead home page.  Once you have registered your account you can go directly to eRead by clicking on the button below.
eRead Illinois