Agenda - Building & Grounds Committee February 22,2021 - 5:30PM

The Building & Grounds Committee meeting will be conducted virtually as allowed by the Governor’s Order 2020-7 and available for the public to watch and hear online. If you wish to watch the meeting live, please notify us at director@highwoodlibrary by 4 p.m. on Monday to be invited into the meeting. The meeting link is:

The agenda and meeting materials are posted and are available for review on the Library website

  1. Review chapter 5 (Building Infrastructure and Maintenance) of the Serving Our Public 4.0 Standards for Illinois Public Libraries

  2. Establish maintenance checklist

  3. Establish and maintain maintenance schedule for HVAC System

  4. Ground keeping: Taking on a stronger role in the appearance of the library.

  5. Confirm landscaping services for 2021

Board of Trustees

Lucy Hospodarsky, President • Janell Cleland, Vice President • Catherine Regalado, Secretary • Nora Loredo, Treasurer Trustees: Bertha Chavez, Barbara Cizek, Diana Guererro, Patricia Lenzini, Jason Muelver

Carmen Patlan, Executive Director

102 Highwood Ave., Highwood, IL 60040 • • 847-432-5404