Highwood Public Library Board of Trustees

Listed below are the trustees and the expiration year of their terms.  All terms expire in May.

Lucy Hospodarsky, President president​(at)highwoodlibrary.org 2019
Laurie Lenzini, Vice President vicepresident(at)highwoodlibrary.org 2020
Nora Loredo, Treasurer ​treasurer(at)highwoodlibrary.org 2020
Catherine Regalado, Secretary secretary(at)highwoodlibrary.org 2021
Bertha Chavez trustee1(at)highwoodlibrary.org 2019
Barbara Cizek trustee5(at)highwoodlibrary.org 2019
Diana Joren trustee6(at)highwoodlibrary.org 2020
Maribeth Kuebler trustee2(at)highwoodlibrary.org 2021
Patricia Lenzini trustee3​(at)highwoodlibrary.org 2021