Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees generally meets at 7:00 pm on the fourth Monday of each month. Meetings are held in the Library’s meeting room and are open to the public.

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highwood public library, community library highwood, library resources
highwood public library, community library highwood, library resources

Board of Trustees

Listed below are the trustees and the expiration year of their terms.  All terms expire in May.

Lucy Hospodarsky, President | 2025

Janell Cleland, Vice-President | 2024

Nora Loredo, Treasurer | 2026

Catherine Regalado, Secretary | 2024

Bertha Chavez | 2025

Paul Martinez | 2025

Jason Muelver | 2026

Nancy Pastroff | 2026

Board Committees

The Library Board consists of five standing committees of at least three members and can include members of the community. In addition to these standing committees, the Board President may appoint special committees to present reports or recommendations to the Board. Standing committees meet on an as-needed basis.

Building and Grounds Committee

Open, Chair
Paul Martinez
Laura Ramirez

Finance Committee

Nora Loredo, Chair
Lucy Hospodarsky
Jason Muelver
Laura Ramirez

Personnel Committee

Lucy Hospodarsky, Chair
Janell Cleland
Laura Ramirez

Policy Committee

Catherine Regalado, Chair
Janell Cleland
Laura Ramirez

Technology Committee

Catherine Regalado, Chair
Andy Hamilton
Jim Knutson
Jason Muelver
Laura Ramirez

Board Committee Minutes

Meeting minutes are posted once they have been approved at the subsequent meeting. Agendas for upcoming meetings will be posted as soon as they are available.

February 14, 2024 Policy Committee Agenda
February 7, 2024 Policy Committee Agenda
January 30, 2024 Policy Committee
January 9, 2024 Policy Committee
October 12, 2023 Policy Committee
September 29,2023 Building & Grounds Committee Agenda (PDF)
September 18, 2023 Policy Committee
September 13, 2023 Finance Committee Agenda (PDF) (HTML)
August 28, 2023 Policy Committee 
August 10, 2023 Policy Committee Minutes (PDF)
June 29, 2023 Finance Committee Agenda (PDF)  (HTML) / Minutes (PDF)
June 6, 2023 Finance Committee Agenda (PDF)  (HTML) / Minutes (PDF)
May 17, 2023 Policy Committee Agenda (PDF)
April 11, 2023 Finance Committee Agenda (PDF)  (HTML) / Minutes (PDF)
January 11, 2023 Finance Committee Agenda (PDF)  (HTML)
August 29, 2022 Finance Committee Agenda (PDF)  (HTML)
August 25, 2022 Policy Committee
April 8, 2022 Finance Committee Agenda (PDF)
March 28, 2022 Policy Committee
March 19, 2022 Finance Committee Agenda (PDF)  (HTML)

October 26, 2021 Finance Committee Agenda (PDF) (HTML)
October 7, 2021 Policy Committee
September 15, 2021 Finance Committee
June 22, 2021 Technology Committee Agenda (PDF) (HTML)
April 7, 2021 Finance Committee
March 3, 2021 Finance Committee
February 22, 2021 Building & Grounds Committee Agenda: (PDF)  (HTML)

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